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Support Group Cuyahoga Falls this Thursday January 15th is cancelled

Inclement Weather Policy for support group and education classes:  If the school district in which the meeting is located is closed the meetings will be cancelled.


NAMI Summit County is currently registering for its free Family to Family training which begins January 8, 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  This course is designed for family members and close friends of those who suffer from severe and persistent mental illness.  It is a 12 week program which meets once a week for 2-2.5 hours.  The course covers diagnoses and symptoms of the major mental illnesses, how the brain is affected, medications, coping and communication skills, and a lot more designed to assist families in helping their loved ones on their recovery journey.   The course isconducted by trained family members and is offered free of charge with all materials provided.  The next session will be held at the First Congregation Church in Hudson, 47 Aurora Street. To register, contact NAMI Summit County at  or 330-252-1188.

From Ohio Medicaid Technology Information System:

MITS Claim Denials for Youth with “the service exceeds the benefit limit” reason

Over the past month, staff of the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services has heard from behavioral health providers about Medicaid claim denials that appear to be incorrect. In particular,
providers reported claim denials for services to youth with the denial reason code reading “the service exceeds the benefit limit.”
Since there are no benefit limits for behavioral health Medicaid services to youth (except CPST), these claims were denied incorrectly by MITS. Ohio Medicaid staff recognized this as a system defect and worked with our MITS vendor, Hewlett-Packard, to develop a correction. A system correction was developed and tested. The correction was put into MITS on November 13th .If you have not already done so, providers should resubmit the claims previously denied for “the service exceeds the benefit limit” erroneously applied to youth. No other changes should be needed on these claims unless there were other reason codes on the EOB that need to be corrected.
If providers experience any further difficulties we ask that they report them to the Medicaid provider call center, 800-686-1516.

From Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction:

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction sent an e-mail to all of Ohio’s Jail Administrators encouraging them to adopt a policy that would enable family members to drop medications off to loved ones who are in jail to ensure continuity in care for inmates with chronic medical conditions, mental illness and/or addiction disorders.  NAMI Ohio took the lead on developing a sample policy because we believe that it has the potential to prevent some inmates from engaging in behavior that could endanger themselves or others and result in additional criminal charges.  If you think that such a policy would be useful in your respective communities, I urge you to contact your jail administrator(s) to urge them to adopt the model policy.  Please contact us at for policy forms and additional information.


October 13, 2014

What is CIT? CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) programs are local initiatives designed to improve the way law enforcement and the community respond to people experiencing mental health crises. They are built on strong partnerships between law enforcement, mental health provider agencies and individuals and families affected by mental illness. Getting Started Community partnerships are the key more »

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